Apartment 140

Designed by: M. Ar. Andrzej Chomski
Design area: 140
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Year: 2018

Interior design / Architecture / Furniture Design

“Apartment 140 is a clear example of minimalism. The monochromatic aesthetics that we notice along with a bright, simple, spacious and peaceful environment create a timeless design. The combination of whites and blacks, which designer chose, bring the aesthetics and balance into place. We can feel the warmth from the textures that has been chosen for th eupholstery. Such details and accessories as the coffee table and lamps bring the extra touch of minimal living we long for.” – Laura Vanagaite – Minimalissimo Magazine

The Apartment 140 interior design is showcased in Minimalissimo Magazine No.2 Page 59 – To read full article and see all photos you have to grab a copy of this beaty printed and composed Mag here: https://minimalissimo.shop

“The challenge in a new design is the approach to the space creation that has to be designed to fulfil the client’s needs, carefukky considering both the interior fnctionality and visual aspects…” – Andrzej Chomski – Minimalissimo Magazine No.2
“Character is found in the details. In my designs I find details in the accessories, lighting, material connections, but also uniquely designed products or simple furniture.” – Andrzej Chomski – Minimalissimo Magazine No.2