ASH Series

ASH Series

Designed by: M. Ar. Andrzej Chomski
Product Category: Furniture Design
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Year: 2019

ASH Series is the first official furniture collection made by Andrzej Chomski. It’s all made as a fulfillment to his interiors but also for people who love minimalism and wanted to make its interiors more unique. ASH Series furniture were also exhibited durnig Milano Design Days 2019 where lot of visitors could touch, see and use the furniture.

The whole collection may be customized with colors or materials used. The furniture design is very characteristic to all presented design of Andrzej Chomski. It’s sleek and sharp that finally may be perceived as very energetic.


Currently the production process for ASH Series is actually closed. Please reffer to FLAT series furniture which is the new collection that may be customized on the same way as ASH was. For more information feel free to contact us to

The collection of furniture from the ASH SERIES has a very limited color palette, which is to determine the quality of the furniture, refinement, as well as its originality and recognition. However, nothing prevents you from making subtle changes to your product chosen on our material recommendations.
Veneer, Matt Lacquer and Steel – these are the materials that describes ASH Series Furniture Collection
The ASH Series belongs to primary material used in the collection but it’s also the connection of three brands that sponsored the way to Milano Design Days. The A becomes to woodwork studio named Arbre that manufactured the furniture, S belongs to Spaceplan office that sponsored the way and stay durnig Milano Design Days and finally H belongs to Hoski – furniture Designer.