Because I love what I do!

“I look at people very often, I observe and analyze their moves, their behaviours. All those important informations I put it into my designs to make their space perfect. But it’s not enought! Everything I do has to be beauty and that is why I put a lot of my heart to my work.” – Andrzej Chomski

Interior Design / Kitchen Design / Furniture

Hoski is strictly a multidisciplinary studio that focus on Interior Design and Furniture Design since 2012. To provide a very unique interior designs that are compeletly fitted to the house users Hoski expands the way of design to the Furniture acpects.
The most important thing for Hoski and Architect Andrzej Chomski, the founder of the studio, is to expand knowledge in the field that is strictly related to his profession, therefore derivative skills are taking the field  of architectural photography and 3d visualizations.
All these aspects can be found in every project carried out by Hoski which is performed with the greatest passion, attention to detail and relationships with people.


M. Arch. Andrzej Chomski is a Polish architect with over 10 yeras of experience in Interior design and over 20 years in visualizations field around countries such as Poland, England and Australia. The scope of professions related to M. Arch. Andrzej Chomski are: interior design, furniture design, 3d visualizations, photography and more.


Honors and Awards:


Bund Deutscher Architekten – SARP / 2011 / Nomination and Finals
SARP – Zbyszek Zawistowski Award / 2011 / Nomination and Finals
Architektura Betonowa – Concrete Architecture Award / 2010 / Nomination and Main Prize
SARP – Nowa myśl w Architekturze Award / 2010 / Main Prize





Furniture – Milano Design Days / 2020 / Milano – Italy