Apartment 44.3

Designed by: M. Ar. Andrzej Chomski
Design area: 44.3
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Year: 2019

Interior design / Architecture / Furniture Design

Placed in “Joli Bord” district in Warsaw the Apartment 44.3 is a fresh designed interior inside of a few storey multi-family house build in the modernism style. Design started in 2019 but some of executive works are still on. The 44.3 sqm flat is made for one young person with possibility to set it up for a couple. The storage place is designed to handle everything which two persons need to normal life as same as the spaces out of usage area.
The Apartment is split for few spaces: The Loud Space which contain rooms like entrance hall, living room and kitchen and Silent Space which contains bedroom. The buffer here is bathroom, which is the boarder that splits the Loud and Silent space.

The base style to design the Apartment 44.3 was Minimalism, but it had to be connected with the owner demands such as most minimalist classical ornament, stylized doors.
All elements like doors and furniture were designed specially for the Apartment 44.3. Sideboard and Coffee Table are from FLAT Series Furniture Collection made by Hoski.

Kitchen is one of the most important parts in the Apartment 44.3. It’s multifunctional and it means that it contains the true kitchen with minimal needed space for dish preparation and its cleaning. The left module contain the loundry space while the 1st right module is a utility space.
Entry area is quiet simple. It contains the storage place, wardrobes and a big mirror. Its all designed in minimalist style.
Bedroom is a quiet simple place. It only have what we need to sleep – bed and wardrobe with storage space. Nothing more and nothing less.