Apartment 62

Designed by: M. Ar. Andrzej Chomski
Design area: 62
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Year: 2017/2018

Interior design / Architecture / Furniture Design

The 62 sqm apartment interior design is a result of young owner demands, her lifestyle, needs and easy space to live in. The process of interior design was to totally rearrange the area of apartment. Elimination of partition walls and the new approach to design including owners needs gave a great solution of a perfect space.


“For a tailor-made and unique apartment, some pieces of furniture such as bed, kitchen, shelves, sideboards and bathroom furniture have also been custom designed. “All furniture is designed and adapted to the height of the home owner and the products they store in it” – emphasizes the designer.” – Interioresminimalistas.com

“The white color extends in almost every corner, through the walls, ceiling and white polyurethane floor. The elements of color are introduced by plants and light wood accents, but also by some elements in black (batteries, hob, oven, TV), which fit into the formal concept without fanfare.” – Interioresminimalistas.com