Basement Kitchen 16.1/1

Designed by: M. Ar. Andrzej Chomski
Design area: 16.1
Location: Poznań, Poland
Year: 2020

Interior design / Architecture / Furniture Design

Placed deep below ground level the Basement Kitchen is another project from “back to black” series. Made of Fenix NTM with LED light brings the kitchen out of the darkness. The furniture is quite simple as same as the use of the designed space. Its a quick dishes preparation and quick guest serving. The kitchen is placed next to big chill area so the connection between those spaces is very important.

Small but usefull – the Basement Kitchen function is to provide a maximum support to chill area in basement building level. It is a separate area, where you can feel free to chill or have fun with loud voices without distturbing the silence in upper level of the house.