Sideboard 2.0 / L2.0

Designed by: M. Ar. Andrzej Chomski
Product Category: Furniture Design
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Year: 2020

Sideboard 2.0 / L2.0 is a part minimal collection of Flat Series designed by Andrzej Chomski. The rectangular shape with dimensions of 200cm lenght, 40 cm width and 60cm of height is made of steel and Black Lacquered MDF board. There is also an opportunity to customize the drawer front. We have selected four best looking wood patterns to use! Its all completely handmade in Warsaw, Poland.

The long Sideboard shape is very characteristic to all of presented designs of Andrzej Chomski. Its sleek and sharp that finally may be perceived as very energetic.The Sideboard 2.0 / L2.0 is perfect to use as a TV unit, as well as a lone decorative product. It includes two drawers.

Available to buy on request.

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The collection of furniture from the FLAT SERIES has a very limited color palette, which is to determine the quality of the furniture, refinement, as well as its originality and recognition. However, nothing prevents you from making subtle changes to your product chosen on our material recommendations.
The flat series furniture gives you a sense of uniqueness, while your apartment or space adds character through originality, which it owes to a very long design journey and the search for new shapes. The whole idea is based on the “less is more” principle where only the required items are used. The Flat series was created from flat shapes, which in effect showed a given form.

Please keep in mind that final product may slightly vary from pictures presented on website. Presented images are currently product visualizations.